Staying connected in golf swing

GCA: Connect your arms and body

staying connected in golf swing

Jun 21, By keeping it there all the way through the swing as I do in Photo 3, you'll If you don't stay connected and experience the dreaded “chicken.

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We often hear the term "connection" with regards to the golf swing. So- what does connection truly mean? In mainstream golf instruction the term "connection' highlights the necessity to connect the arms to the body. We see all types of drills relating to placing towels under the arms and swinging in an attempt to keep the arms connected to the body. Other variations of this would be placing a headcover or a glove under either the left or right armpit and swinging the club trying to keep this item in place without it falling out. Is this correct? Well in some regards YES- but the reality is connection of the arms to the body is only relevent or necessary for a short time in the entire motion.

There are many ways to talk about staying connected within in the golf swing. It assumes the premise that when the arms and body are moving together, the overall timing of the swing and path of the golf club will be improve and provide better and consistent ball striking. Keeping the upper arms connected to your chest on the backswing, impact and follow-through is probably the most common form of connection, and it can also be misunderstood.
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The key move in the execution of a golf swing turns out to be a simple one indeed. Not even hinted at. But that assumes you are practicing the proper fundamentals. The move is a subtle one. You will barely notice it, and no one else will see happening.

Mackenzie: How to stay connected with swing

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Keeping his arms close to his body this way allowed him to swing down on a consistent plane each time. A connected swing is both compact and powerful.
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