Youtube bruce lee playing ping pong with nunchucks

Bruce Lee Playing Ping Pong with Nunchucks Real or Fake?

youtube bruce lee playing ping pong with nunchucks

Bruce Lee : Ping pong with Nunchucks

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New content strategy course: Lead Generation. Sign up for our free, interactive course with online tutorials, worksheets, and more. At one end of a ping-pong table, Lee is across from his opponent, who is just about to serve. Again, and again. One arm behind his back, Lee moves delicately. Sometimes his leg is in the air, sweeping the space just over the table.

An image-forgery detection authority has concluded that a dramatic video of an eagle trying to carry off a child, titled " Golden Eagle Snatches Kid " isn't real, but instead is partially computer generated. The tools of digital design have great control over our perception of reality. We want things to be real, and digital design techniques are capable of making the unreal look perfectly real. The emotional awe we experience suspends belief of what is likely the truth behind the scenes. We have seen it and therefore believe it. Take a look at a few of these viral videos that seemed so real but were in fact well choreographed performances of digital design.

Yes, Bruce Lee playing ping pong with nunchucks is as mind-meltingly awesome as it sounds. The world-renown martial artist, actor, director, inventor of Jeet Kune Do and pop cultural legend was less of a man and more of a superbeing with an impeccable bowl-cut. And remember that scene from the Karate Kid , where the kid catches a fly out of thin air with a pair of chopsticks? Well, this was inspired by Bruce Lee who could do the same but with a grain of rice. Oh God, here comes dream-shattering cynicism. What is it now?

Is this video real or fake? An actor played the part of Bruce Lee. The three men playing ping pong mimicked the motions of an actual game, but did not actually use a ping pong ball. JWT Beijing was featured on agency. Creative officer Polly Chu noted:. Only when people find it interesting enough, they will spend time with it and share it to others. It was only after the full version of the spot was released that it became apparent that it was merely an advertisement for a limited edition Bruce Lee phone.

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No, The Bruce Lee Nunchucks Ping Pong Video Is Not Real (Stop Sending it to Me. Really.)

Lee Jun-Fan, who was known professionally as Bruce Lee was an actor and martial arts specialist who moved to the US from Hong Kong and who became a cultural icon throughout the world after starring in a series of movies primarily in the s. He strikes the ball repeatedly with the nunchucks, winning every point. It is filmed to look old and a little grainy. It is masterfully done and entertaining and absolutely not real. Every year this video clip makes the rounds on Facebook and a whole new group of people see it for the first time.

Snopes needs your help! Learn more. A video clip shows martial arts star Bruce Lee expertly playing ping-pong using nunchaku rather than a paddle. Walter Thompson advertising agency. The video employed a Bruce Lee look-alike actor pretending to play ping-pong against an opponent, their movements sychronized to the sounds of a genuine table tennis match, with the final audio and the visual image of the ball being added to the clip in post-production.







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