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Is This The Reason Why James Charles Is Losing Thousands Of Followers As We Speak?

jeffree star live subscriber count

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With the recent splash he's been making in headlines , it's been hard to miss James Charles. This year the beauty vlogger landed an invite to the exclusive Met Gala. But shortly after basking in his moment, all hell broke loose. Not only was James facing criticism for his Met Gala appearance and outfit styled by Alexander Wang, but to make matters worse, YouTuber Tati Westbrook uploaded a video publicly cancelling James and their friendship. James is no stranger to controversy, but this latest one has captured the attention of almost the entire world. While James Charles may have been the center of the YouTuber drama that's taken over the past few days, he remained relatively out of the spotlight until now.

Why air your dirty laundry on the Internet? If you've been tracking the vlog drama between the three, you maybe also were tracking the fluctuations of their follower counts. He not only promoted a rival brand, she said, and embarrassed her, but he also tried to manipulate a "straight" guy and confused him. In Westbrook's words, Charles "tried to trick a straight man into thinking he's gay, yet again. This video caused Charles to lose about three million subscribers. Many migrated from his account to hers guess you have to pick one side or the other here. Fans claimed Charles was "canceled" when he released a weepy and weak video apology on May 10; meanwhile, Westbrook went from about four million subscribers to eight million in a week.

Fans have been throwing their support behind Tati since the feud, with her subscriber numbers soaring from 6. Meanwhile, James witnessed a dramatic drop in his subscribers, tumbling from 16 million to Fellow beauty blogger Jeffree Star also issued an apology to James, just one day after threatening to expose him.
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Youtube announced a major change to the way it displays channel subscriber counts on Tuesday, which could stop third-party analytic sites like Social Blade from displaying real-time subscriber losses and gains. Once your channel passes the subscriber milestone, we will begin to abbreviate your public subscriber numbers on a sliding scale. The company laid out a few examples of what the changes will look like. For example, if a channel has 7,, subscribers, then YouTube will display the count as simply 7. This might not seem like a huge deal, but it could potentially change the current culture on YouTube. Whenever social media influencers are involved in any online controversies, viewers first jump to third-party sites like Social Blade to see if the drama is negatively or positively impacting the creators involved. Creators will still be able to see their exact number of subscribers in YouTube Studio.

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Indeed, as this post was published, Lee had lost 30, subscribers in less than 12 hours. Meanwhile, on Saturday night after midnight on the East Coast, 10 p. Read more abut it here. Anyway, the year-old Alabamian lost more than , followers on YouTube in less than a week. Lee, a celebrated make-up YouTuber with previously more than 5 million subscribers and millions more eyes on her channel, was recently embroiled in a racism scandal based on tweets unearthed from

Tati Westbrook, on the other hand, has now surpassed 6 million subscribers and was congratulated by Jeffree Star. The ol' dip in subscribers is not an uncommon thing when a huge scandal rocks the YouTube community. It even happened more recently to Olivia Jade who got caught up in her mother's Lori Loughlin college admission fraud situation. But her numbers are nothing like the absolute dent that the Tati Westbrook video has put in James Charles' sub count. He's already lost his 16 million subscriber milestone and is set to dip below 15 million before the end of the day.



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