What was the year of the first dairy diary

Dairy vs. Diary How to Use Correctly

what was the year of the first dairy diary

The history of the Dairy Diary began way back in , the Milk Marketing the MMB can ever have imagined, selling over 1? million copies in its first year.

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Dairy and diary are confusing because they are spelled with the same letters, but with the two vowels reversed. Using one of these words in place of the other is as easy as making a simple typo. Unfortunately, these words do not mean the same things and cannot be substituted for each other. Each word has a clear usage case, which I will describe below. In this article, I will compare dairy vs. I will use each of these words in at least one example sentence, so you can see them in context.

Dairy and diary might look similar, but their pronunciations are fairly different, and their definitions are very different. Dairy can act as either an adjective or a noun that relates to milkor food made from milk. It has two syllables, and the first syllable contains the long a sound. It has three syllables, and the first syllable contains the long i sound. When to use dairy : Dairy can be a noun or an adjective that relates to milk and milk products. As a noun, dairy can mean the place where milk products are kept, produced, or sold or milk or milk products themselves.

Considering that not everybody is willing to get up at 5. When I get to the dairy the milk from the evening before is already there, waiting in a huge copper vat. Just a few minutes later the farmes arrive with their milk cans filled to the brim with fresh morning milk, which is first weighed and controlled, then mixed with the milk from the day before and heated to about 31 degrees Celsius. One hour after the rennet and lactic bacteria have been added you can already tell the milk is turning into cheese. Then the curd has thickened enough to be cut into tiny grains using a cheese harp. In doing so the cheese is seperated from the whey which is pumped down and reused to produce biogas.

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Two bulls and seven cows made the long trip from England and escaped into the nearby bushland not long after they arrived! The dairy industry quickly grew. By , through breeding and importing, Australia had a population of bulls and cows. Not long after, farmers from the NSW district of Illawarra began to send their cheese and butter to Sydney by sea, and as more ports opened, dairying extended all the way down to Bega in southern NSW. In , with two cows and two calves, John Fawkner arrived in what would become Melbourne.

We all get stuck in a rut, cooking the same meals week-in-week-out. Vow to cook the Dairy Diary recipe every week and discover a whole host of new favourites. Et voila, no more bad choices when clothes shopping! Click here to find out more. The Dairy Diary is brand new to everyone else, but Marion our editor, Karen our designer and I have been working on it since early in ! The features are simply fascinating and include food for kids, anti-ageing foods, companion planting and my personal favourite super-cute mice a gorgeous project for crocheting the cutest little mouses.

Each lucky winner will receive a gorgeous Dairy Diary and fabulous Cook it Slowly! The iconic Dairy Diary, which has been sold via the milkman and now also online for over 35 years has a loyal following with hundreds of thousands of customers coming back to order it year after year. The recipes in Cook it Slowly! Every recipe can be cooked either on the hob or in the oven and also, where appropriate, in a slow cooker. Every slow-cooked dish is well worth the wait! You need to be logged in to interact with Silversurfers. Please use the button below if you already have an account.

The history of the Dairy Diary began way back in , the Milk Marketing Board launched a cookbook to be sold via the milkman, designed to support the doorstep delivery service and to encourage milk sales. This book proved to be so popular, that it was revised and reprinted in , , and A diary containing recipes and household information was the answer. So in , the Dairy Diary was born. The history of the Dairy Diary truly begins.

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