Why do we have dimples

Why Do Some People Have Cheek Dimples?

why do we have dimples

I think we can all agree that dimples are pretty adorable — or at least, desirable. They're associated with a particular type of female beauty.

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Dimples are often described as cute and adorable although, and most of us want to have them when we smile. So, why do some people have dimples and does it affect their personality? As we already mentioned, dimples are a tiny deformity which is caused by shortened face muscles. It has been found that during embryonic development, the connective tissue around the mouth and face area, called the mentalis muscle, does not form properly. This leaves gaps in the skin, causing dimples in the cheeks, chin, and even on your back. However, the gene has to be dominant to carry on to the child, so determining whether or not your child will have dimples cannot be conclusive. The dimple gene can be suppressed while reproduction occurs in the womb.

Dimples are small indentations that can be found on your skin. They can occur on different places of the body, including the cheeks, chin , and lower back.
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I think we can all agree that dimples are pretty adorable — or at least, desirable. They're associated with a particular type of female beauty epitomized by people like Jennifer Garner, Ariana Grande, and Miranda Kerr: a sweet, childlike appeal with an air of innocence. We associate dimples with cuteness and babies — an association that child star Shirley Temple and her cute cheek indentations used to make serious bank in the s. She even starred as a character called "Dimples" in But behind these adorable little dents are actually numerous theories as to why some people have dimples — and the science is surprisingly divided. First off, there are actually two kinds of facial dimples : chin and cheek dimples. As the proud owner of a chin dimple, I can back up the fact that chin dimples are caused by an underlying cleft in the bone of the chin.

Why Do People Have Dimples? The Reason Some Smiles Are So Darn Cute, Explained

Everyone loves dimples., A dimple also known as a gelasin [1] is a small natural indentation in the flesh on a part of the human body, most notably in the cheek or on the chin.

What Causes Dimples And Why Do Some People Have Them?

When I was young, people would always tell me that I had the cutest dimples when I smiled. Honestly, I hated my dimples and thought they were weird. I always wondered what do people have dimples, simply because I wanted to know if there was a way to get rid of them. Eventually, I grew out of my dimples. Nowadays, I actually have to work my facial muscles hard to show my dimples at all.

Why Do We Have Dimples?





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  1. Dimples—indentations on the cheeks—tend to occur in families, and this trait is assumed to be inherited.

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