Who is notre dame playing in the shamrock series

Notre Dame Football: Shamrock Series Uniform Rankings, 2019 Edition

who is notre dame playing in the shamrock series

The Shamrock Series is Notre Dame's home-away-from-home game series! In , the first Shamrock Series game was played in San Antonio. Then the Irish.

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When Notre Dame announced their official schedules for the seasons on Thursday, they stated that the Shamrock Series could be returning after a one year hiatus this year. They will need every advantage they have in that game already. Same goes for Florida State. As for Stanford, Notre Dame battles Stanford for a lot of the same recruits year in and year out. Do you think Notre Dame would potentially give Stanford a platform outside of Indiana to showcase their wares?

Notre Dame will play Syracuse on Nov. The school announced Thursday that the Fighting Irish will sport New York Yankees-inspired uniforms that feature pinstripe sleeves and a blue helmet with pinstripes behind the Notre Dame logo on the side. The Fighting Irish. The Yankees. Two Iconic Brands.

Notre Dame And Under Armour Hit A Foul Ball With 2018 Shamrock Series Uniforms

How many more days until the Notre Dame football season starts? As we know, the Notre Dame football program is full of tradition.

Shamrock Series

Notre Dame premiered the team's alternate jerseys for their game in Yankee Stadium, featuring some baffling design decisions. Notre Dame unveiled their new alternate jerseys for the team's "Shamrock Series" game against Syracuse to be played at Yankee Stadium this season. The jerseys feature several features inspired by the Yankees, including pinstripes sleeves, and most shockingly to Notre Dame traditionalists, matte navy helmets that appear completely absent of the school's trademark gold. As with any sort of dramatic choice made in college jersey design, fans had immediate and strong reactions to the new look, with most fans expressing confusion and disgust with the kits. It's not the first time that Notre Dame has gotten blowback for their alternate jerseys.

Every season, Notre Dame's football program takes advantage of its amazing popularity on a national scale by playing a "home-away-from-home" Shamrock Series game at a neutral site. Even though the Fighting Irish are known for wearing very traditional and simple uniforms, the team uses the Shamrock Series as a chance to break out of their shell when it comes to their uniforms. The results in the past have been mixed. Sometimes you get a look like what they wore in , which was a nice blend of progressive design with the traditional elements of the green alternate look for Notre Dame, and sometimes you get an asymmetrical mess like what they had in Notre Dame's Shamrock Series uniforms have been very much hit-or-miss -- or in the case of this year's game being held at Yankee Stadium, fair-or-foul. The Shamrock Series uniforms have been released and they definitely fall in the category of being a foul ball.



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