I am the black child poem

I Am The Black Child (An Open Letter)

i am the black child poem

In , historian Carter G. Woodson designated the week surrounding Abraham Lincoln's and Fredrick Douglas's birthdays as Negro History.


The Queen's Poems. Harlem was mostly populated with African Americans Although it is very repetitive, it is powerful. It is a method of drilling this inside of children's heads by repeating this over and over. The messages that Cullen is sending goes by stanza.

I have attached a video of Brother Perkins reciting the poem himself at the bottom of this post. This poem is to empower young Black children. It is to give them a sense of belief in themselves despite a word that often does not show their beauty and brilliance. Feel free to message us on social media to carry on the conversation. Let us know your thoughts What did you think? Did you like this performance? What is your favourite spoken word performance?

I am sitting here amidst darkness! Though it's the ride of the day.
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I always try to keep from writing personal pieces on here but today this was just weighing heavy on me so I thought I would share. I am strong, obstacles cannot stop me. I hold my head high, proudly proclaiming. I hold my pace, continuing forward through. I am proud of my culture and my heritage.

"I Am the Black Child"

Hey Black Child by Countee Cullen




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  2. February is Black History Month, and to celebrate the contributions black poets have made, and continue to make, to the richness of American poetry, we asked twelve contemporary black poets from across the country to choose one poem that should be read this month and to tell us a bit about why.

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