Rugrats movie this world is something new to me

'The Rugrats Movie' Soundtrack Will Make Vinyl Debut in Honor Of 20th Anniversary

rugrats movie this world is something new to me

This World Is Something New To Me

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Featured lyrics. Hot lyrics. Lisa Loeb: Where am I? B Real: How did I get here? Patti Smith: Today is very different than yesterday. Lou Rawls: So this is the world? Laurie Anderson: I miss my old womb.

Pharrell made music for Despicable Me and Tyler, the Creator recently did the same for The Grinch, but in , including hip-hop on a soundtrack for an animated movie was a big deal. Revisiting this statement on the 20th anniversary of The Rugrats Movie , it's clear that it didn't age well. For the record, EW thought the "kid-hop" was "truly child-friendly. Back in the '70s, his band Devo defied genre not to mention, conventional fashion. Rugrats didn't just do this through progressive storylines focused on religion , gender roles, and grief, but with its music, too. We wanted it to work on another level.

Devo founder and RugRats musical director Mark Mothersbaugh has gainfully employed both the TV series and film's character voices and a slew of old new wave buddies on this soundtrack, which consists largely of specially written material very much in the mood of the edgy children's show. Elvis Costello and his wife, Cait O'Riordan , contribute "I Throw My Toys Around," which is performed by No Doubt with Costello chiming in here and there; he probably earned more money for this track on a platinum-selling soundtrack than he did for his Burt Bacharach album. There are also appropriately written tracks by Lisa Loeb and Blackstreet , but the bulk of the songs are Mothersbaugh 's. Of course, Devo turns up playing the old hit "Witch Doctor. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully.

This film was theatrically released on November 20,
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No popular children's television series goes unmerchandized these days, and "Rugrats" is Nickelodeon's most popular. The pleasant surprise is that the film is a delight. The stars of "Rugrats" are five talking babies: Tommy Pickles, his cousin Chuckie Finster a redhead who, despite his extreme youth, wears eyeglasses just like his father's , the twins Lil and Phil Deville, and the oldest child, Angelica Pickles, whose raison d'etre seems to be misguiding the other babies. At Tommy's mother's baby shower, for instance, Angelica informs Tommy that when the new baby arrives he'll be completely forgotten; in fact he'll be turned into a dog and forced to sleep outdoors. Tommy's mother, Didi, goes into labor at the baby shower, and everybody heads for the Lipshitz Maternity Hospital. This is the sort of place where an expectant mother might choose to deliver in the Tibetan Terrace Room. Tommy tries to like the baby, Dil, when he arrives, but the first thing Dil does is to grab and twist Tommy's nose.

"This World Is Something New To Me"

The Rugrats Movie - This World Is Something New To Me


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