The blacklist redemption season 1 episode 8 recap

The Blacklist: Redemption

the blacklist redemption season 1 episode 8 recap

The Blacklist: Redemption Finale Sets the Stage for Season 2. By Liz Raftery | @ LizRaftery_TVG | Apr 14, AM EDT In the episode, Tom ignores one final plea from Scottie, in which she tries to tell him that, . 1. Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Same Old Dean Making Things Difficult for Caelynn on Her Birthday; 2.

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First of all, a new nickname has been born. Perhaps Hawkeye is The Adversary! It is now time to see where the twists and turns of "The Blacklist" will take us tonight…. It all begins with a man and his son playing football in the park. Suddenly, pieces of an airplane start falling out of the sky. It is a cargo plane, not a passenger jet.

There were plenty of people who guessed that Howard would end up being the bad guy in the end. And they were right. When Kat went to her car and opened her computer, I thought for sure it would be revealed that she was the one working with Howard. Instead she was the one who figured out the real bad guy behind scenes. Trevor was working for Howard and relaying everything Scottie spilled to him during their sessions to Howard. Still the season finale of The Blacklist: Redemption was as disappointing as The Blacklist: Redemption Season 1 Episode 7 , the first part of the finale. The first six episodes of the season weren't a complete waste of time.

Thursday's finale of The Blacklist: Redemption put the pieces in place for a second season of the Blacklist spin-off, should NBC decide to order one. With the help of his son Tom Ryan Eggold , Howard Hargrave Terry O'Quinn successfully organized a coup to oust his ex-wife Scottie Famke Janssen from his company, Halcyon, and moved into her executive office while Scottie adjusted to her new digs — behind bars! In the episode, Tom ignores one final plea from Scottie, in which she tries to tell him that, having observed how much she grieved for her son, Christopher, he couldn't possibly believe that she was the evildoer Howard was making her out to be. But Tom isn't having it, and watches as Scottie's arrested on charges of kidnapping and false imprisonment. Spring TV Preview: Where we left off with your favorite shows. Those accusations, of course, come after Howard got the the quantum computing expert Richard Whitehall Clarke Peters to tell Halcyon's board of directors that Scottie was holding him against her will. But as it turns out, Scottie was telling the truth the whole time, and Howard's endgame all along was to get his hands on Whitehall's quantum computing protocol so that he could

On May 12, , NBC cancelled the series after one season. Along with the announcement in March of Janssen as Hargrave, [2] [3] and Eggold reprising his role as Tom Keen, [2] was the reveal that Edi Gathegi would reprise his Blacklist role as Matias Solomon as a series regular. I wouldn't bet on it, though.
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For a refresher on what happened last week, read my recap of the premiere. The Blacklist: Redemption season 1 episode 2 opens on Kevin Jensen. He demands a lawyer and asks for his rights, but a prison guard punches him out in response. She says that Kevin is being charged with espionage. Then, Tom attempts to enter Armenia with the truck full of weapons, but condensation ruins the illusion.

But the means of getting to this operational endpoint were… rocky. And here comes Howard, blazing through Halcyon like the prodigal kook returned. The board is meeting to decide whether to reinstate Howard as President of Halcyon since he publicly stated that he faked his death because his wife tried to kill him, or to keep Scottie in charge. Scottie tells the board that Howard returning just proves that they made the right decision to disavow him in the first place. He hits something on his phone, and all the doors lock and shutters close. That means they have no way out, but also that Tom and Nez have no way in to get Whitehall. Bring on the blowtorches from the outside….

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  1. Apr 14, The last two lines of Thursday's Blacklist: Redemption read like one of those six- word “Hemingway” stories. “Where are we?” asks Howard, who.

  2. Covert operative Tom Keen joins forces with Susan "Scottie" Hargrave, the brilliant and cunning chief of a covert mercenary organization that solves problems that are too dangerous for the government.

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