How much snow should i remove from my roof

Should I Remove Snow from My Roof?

how much snow should i remove from my roof


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Some people will shovel just the edges while others remove all the snow from roof completely. The answer to what you should do is probably a bit more complicated than if your neighbor shovels their roof you should shovel yours. Snow, up to a point, is good for your heating bill as it does add a insulating factor. Snow staying on your roof also means your home is well insulated from the outside weather. If the snow on your roof is sticking around longer than your neighbors, then your insulation is likely also in good shape.

The record-setting snowfall in New England this month — seven feet and counting in Massachusetts — poses dangerous risks through snow-covered roofs, ice dams and gutter floods. Already, dozens of roofs have collapsed in Boston — 44 in just a two-day period. Structural engineer Todd Fratzel told The Boston Globe it's a good idea to remove snow that's 18 inches or more on low-pitch roofs. FEMA says there are many factors that go into "snow-induced structural failures," including a roof's shape, slope, construction, maintenance, exposure to wind, and the type of snow that has accumulated. Fluffy, fresh snow can weigh as little as three pounds per square foot compared with 21 pounds for wet, heavy snow, according to FEMA. Ice weighs more: 57 pounds a square foot. Considering the average-size roof in the United States is in the range of 2, square feet, the weight of snow and ice can add up to dangerous sums.

When must you remove the snow from your roof – either shovel or rake it off In addition, steeper roofs don't often collect as much snow in the first place. Snow.
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Removing snow from your roof is a pain. When must you remove the snow from your roof — either shovel or rake it off yourself, or call a snow removal professional? To prevent a roof collapse, the slope of your roof makes a huge difference. A flat roof is often times more susceptible to collapse than a sloped roof, simply because a sloped roof disperses weight whereas a flat roof cannot. Snow tends to slide right off of a pitched roof. Also, where geographically in the US it snows has changed in the past or-so years. You might want to get out there, or have someone else get out there, if you see feet of snow anywhere on the roof.

Dear Stephen: It takes a lot of time, effort and precaution to safely remove snow from a roof. Otherwise, you can let the snow melt naturally. The safest way a homeowner can remove snow from a roof is with a roof rake. You can stand on the ground and use the tool with a pole extension to reach the edge of most two-story homes. Choose a roof rake with small rollers, bumpers or wheels near the blade of the rake. The wheels will keep the blade from scraping the granules off the roof shingles.

Removing snow on the ground is a pain. Getting it off your house is another matter entirely. Working on your roof is hard enough in the best conditions. Now, add ice, snow, wind, and maybe some sleet to the situation. When the circumstances dictate removing snow from your roof roof collapse or ice dams , should you get up there and do it yourself or call for professional help? Here are some things for you to consider to help you decide when and what to do. You need to know the weight of it.

Thinking of shoveling snow off your roof? There's no need, SU professor says

How much snow is too much snow on your roof?

For most houses, never -- let nature handle it. The reason for that is that most roofs are built to handle the snow that is piled up on it, removing snow is dangerous to you and often the process of snow removal causes more damage to the roof than the snow would. Those were the conclusions that were drawn by several studies carried out after the infamous Eastern Canada and US Ice Storm of January Removing snow is not only dangerous for your house. Be aware that in the last few years 16 homeowners have died trying to remove snow from roofs in Montreal alone writtenin

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Why do I need to get the snow removed from my roof? The main reason you should keep your roof as snow-free as possible is that it's crucial for . If you're able to prevent ice dams, you're far more likely to prevent your roof from leaking and.
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