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best in show busy bee

Feb 8, Best In Show is available on Blu-Ray February 19th The tension is palpable, the excitement is mounting and the heady.

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Sign in. Meg Swan : We met at Starbucks. Not at the same Starbucks but we saw each other at different Starbucks across the street from each other. Hamilton Swan : I remember what I was drinking when I met you. It was a grande espresso.

The film follows five entrants in a prestigious dog show , and focuses on the slightly surreal interactions among the various owners and handlers, as they travel to the show and then compete during the show. There are also short depictions of the characters six months after the show is over. Among the comedic aspects of the film are similarities between the personalities and characteristics of the owners and those of their dogs. Much of the dialogue was improvised. The film's score was composed by C.

I can't believe you don't have "we both love soup"! Shoulda been nominated right? I love that scene because he's just screaming at that dog, and it clearly has no idea why. I loved reading this! I was laughing remembering all of these lines - the Swans were simply always funny. I agree with Nathaniel Parker Posey should have gotten an Oscar nomination!

Best in Show is a American mockumentary comedy film co-written by Christopher Guest that Beatrice will become unnerved without her favorite toy, the "Busy Bee", and frantically search for a replacement for it before the show.
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This article is from the archive of our partner. So when we saw the star of that movie, Parker Posey, wandering around the show's benching area yesterday, we had to stop her to reminisce about her role. One of the reasons Westminster is so great—aside from it being the most high profile dog show around—is that it's a benched show , meaning that spectators can go and mingle with the dogs and their handlers before the competition. The benching area is not a VIP space, so anyone can pet a champion. The pug in competition, for instance, was eager to jump on kneeling spectators. While wandering around—we had been attending as a fan, not as a reporter—our hearts skipped a beat when we noticed Posey in the crowd.

Sign in. Hamilton Swan : I remember what I was drinking when I met you. It was a grande espresso. Meg Swan : That's right. And I thought that was really sexy. Hamilton Swan : I remember, I was drinking a grande espresso.

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Toggle navigation User area. Toggle search bar. Home Movie quotes B Best in Show. Interpreted by. Plot — A number of people living in various States answer the questions of an interviewer. They are Harlan, owner of a fishing shop; the Swan couple; Gerry, a traveling salesman who has two left feet and his wife Cookie, a former waitress with a lively past; a gay couple that is always bubbly; a blonde with a quiet, very old husband and a girl who follows her closely.

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Feb 2, The Westminster Dog Show is here, and it's time to get ready. Happy 16th birthday to dog show mockumentary Best in Show! . Busy Bee.
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