A star is born remake

What Is 'A Star Is Born' Really About? Here's a Look at All 4 Versions of the Movie

a star is born remake

Why Hollywood Keeps Remaking A Star Is Born

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But how much does it draw on that history, actually? Without further ado, your guide to A Star Is Born , then and now:. His love interest, Esther Blodgett stage name: Vicki Lester , also goes into the movies—first as a straight actor and then, in , as a star of Hollywood musicals. A several-decades-old spoiler: In both the and versions, Esther goes on to win an Oscar, and Norman drunkenly storms the stage, interrupting her speech. Plotwise, the newest A Star Is Born skews closest to the third film, helmed by director Frank Pierson, in which Kristofferson as John Norman Howard and Streisand as Esther Hoffman are a bearded, burned-out rocker and a spunky nightclub singer, respectively.

It follows hard-drinking country-rock singer Jackson Maine Bradley Cooper who discovers a young singer and songwriter, Ally Lady Gaga , and falls in love with her. Both actors wrote some of the songs with the help of some big names in the music industry, such as Lukas Nelson and Mark Ronson, and delivered truly powerful musical performances both in the film and outside, like they did at the 91st Academy Awards. In February , an encore cut of A Star Is Born was released in theaters, giving viewers an extended musical experience. We and our trusted partners use cookies and tracking technologies to create custom content for your enjoyment and to provide advertising in line with your interests. We respect your privacy and we are committed to safeguarding your privacy while online at our site.

Bradley Cooper's directorial debut, A Star Is Born , has garnered rave reviews and prestigious award nominations since its release in October And if you haven't managed to see it ahead of the Oscars—where it's nominated for eight Academy Awards and stars Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga will perform —you may be wondering what all the fuss is about.
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As we've made our way through award show season this year, it's seemed that all anyone can talk about is the beautiful and tragic love story between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in A Star Is Born. But the story told in the version of the film is far from the one told in the original film or the other two remakes, for that matter. Here's a look at how the movie A Star Is Born has evolved over the course of its four adaptations. After a failed attempt to find a job as an extra, Esther meets famed actor Norman Maine March at a party, and despite his obvious drunkenness, they hit it off. With Norman's help, Esther — under her new stage name, Vicki Lester — eventually lands a role opposite him in a major film, and almost overnight, she becomes a bonafide celebrity.

Cooper was so committed to the project that he logged hundreds of hours learning to play the guitar and sing well enough to perform at Coachella and Glastonbury without being booed offstage. He analyzed his dreams, re-purposing certain images and ideas for art. He used his own pain and addiction —which he has been reluctant to discuss in interviews—to anchor his heart-aching role as an addict who, in spite of his artistic talent, is broken inside. He filled his cast with people who meant something special to him—including his own ear doctor! As a public service to better understand Cooper and his magnum opus, we compiled some of the Easter eggs, homages, and Bradley-isms that the star-slash-director lovingly planted in his version of A Star Is Born.

Skip navigation! Story from Movies. First released in starring Janet Gaynor , the film has since been reinvented three more times, in with Judy Garland , with Streisand , and now, , when the Hollywood classic will hit theaters for the fourth time in 81 years, headlined by Bradley Cooper who also directed and Lady Gaga. Hollywood loves a reboot more than ever these days, but this one feels different, than say, Ghostbusters. With each iteration, something is reflected back to us as an audience: How do we choose who gets to become famous? And what should it cost them?


A Star Is Born is a American musical romantic drama film about a young singer Barbra Streisand who meets and falls in love with an established rock and roll star Kris Kristofferson , only to find her career ascending while his goes into decline. The film is a remake of the original drama starring Janet Gaynor and Fredric March , which had also been adapted in as a musical starring Judy Garland and James Mason. -



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