Ants in my pants game

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ants in my pants game

Ants in The Pants, Cootie, Spill the Beans & Break the Ice Commercial (1993)

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Attach the suspenders to the pair of pants and put the pants in the middle of the play area. Each player takes the four ants of one color. All of the players start flipping their ants into the air at the same time. Players press down on the back of the ants and when they release their finger the ant launches into the air. The goal is to get all of your ants into the pair of pants. Any ant that misses the pants needs to be picked up and re-shot by the player until they are able to get all of their ants into the pair of pants. Ants in the Pants has been a childhood classic for over forty years.

Buy Hasbro Ants in The Pants Games: Board Games - ? FREE and everyone is racing to pop all four of their bugs into Fido's bloomers. It's that.
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Ants in the Pants Board Game Review and Rules

Ants in the Pants

Ants in the Pants is a children's tabletop game for two to four players. The game shares similarities with Tiddlywinks. Components consist of a free-standing pair of miniature, usually plastic, pants and four sets of plastic ants, colored red, yellow, green, and blue. The ants are designed so that pressing the tail stores elastic potential energy. When the tail is pressed and released, the ants spring into the air.

Whilst away at the caravan over Easter we spent some quality time together playing board games. When I was a kid I remembered playing Monopoly with my parents in our little caravan and it was lovely to be able to do the same with our two, without the Monopoly and the terrible cheating. You know who you are! A load of pants! With varying numbers of ants or an anteater on the reverse of them.

Kids just might be on the edge of their seats the whole time they're playing the exciting Ants in the Pants Classic Game. This action-packed game starts on the count of three, as players try to launch all 4 of their ants into the pair of oversized pants to win the game. I bought this game to use as a reward to motivate students to work hard, then play. They love this game! The "ants" in the older version of this game seem to be easier to pop up into the pants, but these are fun as well. The price and free shipping to the store was a win win! This is not the same well made game that Iplayed with my daughter a few years ago.




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