When does the new season of house husbands start

Axed: House Husbands

when does the new season of house husbands start

House Husbands S05E01

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Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Episodes Sourced from Wikipedia No. Mark tries to figure out a way to tell Abi that he hates their daughter's name. During a night out, the husbands get drunk and buy a pub. Gemma is shocked when Lewis reveals that he has spent time in prison for assault. Lewis also tracks down his son Ned.

T his week the Nine Network announced the scrapping of its popular Logie-winning comedy-drama House Husbands, which ran for five seasons. You might not give two hoots about the end of a show following the daily tribulations of stay-at-home dads, pushing prams and fumbling with nappies. But in the broader context of locally produced narrative content, the news is significant. If a high-rating program such as this gets axed, what does that say about the current state of Australian television? Government policy has been blamed for its demise. You could argue the offset helps get programs off the ground, then penalises them for achieving long-running success.

Sign in. The day of Lewis and Gemma's wedding arrives.
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The drama set a ratings record for the network and became Australia's most watched television show. Mark is hoodwinked by Justin into employing Nicola as his personal assistant, but her inexperience threatens his career and friendship with Justin. However Nicola is tragically killed whilst looking at a washing machine on the side of the road. Justin decides to move to Albury after losing thousands of dollars in the poker tournament. However he changes his mind after the kids prep graduation. Mark swallows a magnet.

But it also pointed towards the challenges of producing Drama under current funding models. Hopefully that restriction will change. Other shows ending around 65 episodes include Sea Patrol, Rush and Dance Academy, while Offspring -which had initially ended under the same cap- managed a return in A sustainable industry relies on long-running productions that provide certainty in employment, skills development and investment. Market conditions have changed since the cap was introduced.


You might not care about House Husbands but axing it doesn't bode well for Australian TV




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