Harry styles and mick jagger

Harry Styles Looks Like Mick Jagger in His Rolling Stone Cover

harry styles and mick jagger

Harry Styles has fuelled speculation that he is set to play Rolling Stones frontman Sir Mick Jagger in a new film about the iconic band. Appearing on Friday's Graham Norton Show, the One Direction star was asked to confirm if it was true. Although the singer tried to dismiss the.

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The two British stars - one a Rolling Stones legend, the other a One Direction heartthrob - are said to have struck up a bond, which apparently sees them hang out together and even regularly chat on the phone. While Mick, 71, may be over 50 years older than the young stud, they've apparently found lots of common ground. Close bond aside, both men are busy with their respective bands. The legendary rockers will even be giving audiences some new material to enjoy. September 18 PM. Harry Styles has reportedly made a buddy in the form of Sir Mick Jagger.

When SNL announced that Harry was due to appear on the show, we instantly started countding down the days One thing we can all agree on at this point is how damn talented Hazza is, right? We all know he can sing a tune or two, he's proved that for a long time now and now we know that his acting is pretty damn good too. With his debut acting role in 'Dunkirk' absolutely blowing us away, we also got a glimpse at what Mr Styles' can do in front of the camera as he took on the role of The Rolling Stones' legend Mick Jagger. During the skit, Harry a. That is insane.

Although the singer tried to dismiss the question by staying silent, he managed to hint the possibility with his facial expressions. Meanwhile, Harry, 23, has been busy promoting his new album. Sharing his excitement over his new material, he told Graham: "I am excited and really proud of it. I have worked so hard on it. He added: "There's certainly more room in the dressing room! I don't feel on my own because I have such an amazing band. That's a wrap!

The One Direction star, frequently compared to Jagger, is ideal for the role according to Pamela Des Barres, who wrote a memoir about her dalliances with the legendary frontman. I want Harry to play Jagger ó he has the right look. He gave me a gold velvet dress he wore in the film Performance that I had to sell to my friend. I passed in front of him pretending I had no interest. By Ashleigh Rainbird.

Okay, so obviously One Direction 's Harry Styles doesn't come close in the rock star reputation or talent level competition as the one and only Rolling Stones frontman, Mick Jagger , but the striking resemblance between the two is so crazy we needed to point it out. We're pretty positive the only thing they'd have in common besides looks is their accent. Mick's more of a rock-n-roller, groupie-loving, actual rocker while Harry's Though maybe that's not necessarily a negative thing, considering those guys are ripping up the charts. But the bond between the two may grow stronger soon; if recent rumors are to believed Styles just might play Jagger in an upcoming movie. The 'Tumbling Dice' crooner sure has changed over the years.

harry styles and mick jagger

Mick Jagger & Harry Styles - ( I Canít Get No Satisfaction )

Harry Styles Impersonated Mick Jagger On 'SNL' & It Was Genuinely 100% SPOT ON

I felt like a teen again as I silently squealed over the honest details the former boy bander shared about his life and his newly short hair. We all deserve to feel like that some times, right? I even sent screenshots to my best friend to inform her of his latest haircut. One text may or may not have read, "Now texting you as a ghost because of this picture. Since One Direction's inception, Style's hair styles have been a hot topic. Whether it's flippy and fun or long and brooding, someone usually on Twitter has something to say about it. Naturally, the singer's shorter 'do has people talking, too.

Harry Styles hints he's set to play young Mick Jagger in Rolling Stones biopic




Harry Styles SNL Mick Jagger 2. When SNL announced that Harry was due to appear on the show, we instantly started countding down.
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