James hewitt and prince harry

The Truth Behind Those Rumors That James Hewitt Is Secretly Prince Harry's Dad

james hewitt and prince harry

'Are you Harry's father?' James Hewitt denies fathering Prince Harry - The Best Documentary Ever


The former Army officer who lives in Devon has always denied rumors he is the father of the Duke of Sussex. James Hewitt, the former Army officer who had an affair with Princess Diana, has been receiving a lot of attention on Twitter this afternoon after it was confirmed the new Royal baby had arrived. The major, who lives in Devon , has been forced to deny he is Prince Harry's father ever since the affair was made public, however that hasn't stopped people tweeting that today he has become a grandfather after the arrival of Prince Harry's first child. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex officially announced the birth of their first born child at lunchtime and the duke revealed more during a hastily arranged press conference. It has been confirmed Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's first born son, arrived at 5.

He rose to public prominence in the mids after he disclosed a romantic affair that he had engaged in with Diana, Princess of Wales , while she was still married to the heir apparent to the throne of the United Kingdom , Prince Charles. His mother, Shirley, was daughter of a London dental surgeon who lived in Devon. On 1 March , he was retired from the British Army after 17 years' military service. Hewitt opened a golf driving range in In , six months after Hewitt's retirement from the armed forces, Anna Pasternak published the book Princess in Love.

The year-old was rushed to hospital in May after suffering a heart attack and stroke. Here's everything we know about him For all your Royal Wedding coverage click here. The year-old was born in Derry, Northern Ireland, but was brought up in Kent and Devon before being educated at one of the country's top public schools - Millfield in Somerset. He attended the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and was commissioned into the Life Guards - a senior army regiment - as a second lieutenant in In he served as a Challenger tank commander in the Gulf War but failed the exam for promotion to major three times. Hewitt retired from the Army in March after 17 years of service and opened up a golf driving range.

The bizarre claims that Princess Diana’s lover is Prince Harry’s dad could knocked on its head – by their ginger hair. Daily Star Online has enlisted an expert in hair loss to studied Harry’s fading crown and compare it with James Hewitt’s. We called in the expert after Harry and.
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But due to the fact that people love themselves a conspiracy theory, Harry's paternity has been called into question over the years by people who believe that his real father is Princess Diana's riding instructor, a man named James Hewitt. AKA this handsome gent:. Conspiracy theorists often point to the fact that both Harry and Hewitt have red hair, and also the fact that they look, ummmmm, basically the exact same. So let's unpack this thing, shall we? It's a fact that in , just two years after Prince Harry was born, Princess Diana started an affair with Hewitt the Horse Whisperer—which went on for five years.

After the Duke of Sussex and Meghan Markle had their own baby and are reportedly thinking about another , an old rumour has once again come back to haunt the royal family. But is there any truth to this gossip? Affairs were typical for this royal couple: Charles may have had a more significant expose with his relationship with Camilla-Parker Bowles, but Diana also had flings of her own. Diana had a long list of lovers linked to her over the years — most notable among them was James Hewitt. So what makes James Hewitt so rumour-worthy? For one, he was one of the few men linked to Diana that she confirmed she had an affair with. In the absence of an official DNA test from Buckingham Palace, we must settle for first-hand accounts from those close to the royal family to figure out of that rumour is true.

Who is James Hewitt, did he have an affair with Princess Diana and is he Prince Harry’s father?

Royal family scandal rumors are a dime a dozen at this point. Others, such as allegations that Prince William stepped out on Kate Middleton with her former friend Rose Hanbury, are probably fabricated.


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  1. The rumor that Prince Charles isn't Prince Harry's real dad refuses to die. Is Prince Harry's Real Father, Not Diana's Ex-Lover James Hewitt.

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