Hall and oates say it isn t so

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hall and oates say it isn t so

Daryl Hall & John Oates - Say It Isn't So

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Add Genre. Add Styles. Add Moods. Add Themes. When artists add new tracks to a greatest hits collection, they are often outtakes or something quickly knocked out to add a bit of novelty. However, some performers really put serious work into their additions to such collections and are rightly rewarded with pop chart success. The finished song was atmospheric and driving all at once and it became a 2 hit for the group.

It also shows the virtues of state-of-the-art 80s production: awesome synths, big drums. John Oates' harmonies alone justify his existence, and put to rest the myth that he was just a mustache and mullet. Oh, and I love how Hall's voice ascends the scale when he sings the "You move so we-l-l-l-l-l! I remember listening to Casey Kasem on Sunday afternoons just waiting to hear "Private Eyes" with my finger readied to press the record button. New here? OTM John on its karaoke greatness. Might've been my first cassette.

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Say it isn't so painful to tell me that you're dissatisfied Last time I asked you I really got a lame excuse I know that you lied Now wicked things can happen you see 'em goin' down in war But when you play in a quiet way that bites it even more. Who propped you up when you were stopped low motivation, had you on the ground I know your first reaction you slide away hide away goodbye But if there's a doubt maybe I can give out a thousand reasons why You have to say it isn't so It isn't so I say it isn't so It isn't so I say it isn't so It isn't so I say it isn't so It isn't so. You like to move with the best of them you know we move so well Don't need someone to lean on I know that there's an open door But if I'm faced with being replaced I want you even more so baby say it isn't so It isn't so I say it isn't so It isn't so I say it isn't so It isn't so I say it isn't so It isn't so. Why you gonna go do you hafta say you wanna go Ooh ooh baby say it isn't Say it isn't Say say say it isn't Say it isn't So say it isn't Why do you have to say it isn't Say it isn't So say it isn't So so say it isn't I know it's so hard for you Say it isn't So hard Say it isn't Don't say baby So say it isn't There must be some other way Don't have to Say it isn't Some other way So say it isn't Aah you don't have to say Say it isn't Oh don't you say So say it isn't Oh you know I want to make you. Quiero recibir notificaciones de artistas destacados y noticias. Compartir en Facebook Compartir en Twitter. Recomendar Twitter.

Say It Isn't So (Hall & Oates song)

It was released by RCA Records in October as the first of two new singles from their compilation album Rock 'n Soul Part 1 , released that same year see in music. It was the first of two new songs recorded during the sessions for Rock 'n Soul Part 1.


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