The lion king timon and pumbaa virtual safari

Forgotten Disney: Timon and Pumbaa Virtual Safari

the lion king timon and pumbaa virtual safari

Timon and Pumbaa's Virtual Safari is a feature that has been included in DVDs for The Lion King, The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, and The Lion King 1?. Virtual .

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Timon: Welcome to the nighttime safari jeep tour! We're going in style this time, folks! Real luxury! Watch this! Timon: Hey! Resturant Road!

All rights reserved. With a simple flick of the remote, viewers can choose between the jeep and jungle cruiser options and take a wild ride with their nervous guides as they navigate through dangerous territory, while familiar images from the movie dart back and forth. You may think youre in control of the direction, but Timon and Pumbaa are in the drivers seat with Ernie Sabella reprising the voice of Pumbaa and a Nathan Lane sound-alike voicing Timon. Thus, Virtual Safari marks the first time that Buena Vista Home Entertainment has partnered so ambitiously with its colleagues at Disney Feature Animation and DisneyToon Studios to produce a virtual set-top game of this type. Our quest was to expand the set top experience and, given that it was The Lion King , to try and do something that was a higher benchmark, explains Andy Siditsky, sr vp worldwide creative services and DVD production.

Originally I wanted to talk bout each cruise as a whole bit unfortunately I accidentally kept hitting the publish button. So I'll just give a summary of each safari. So get your cameras ready and lets roll. This is the only one that has two tours, a jeep and boat tour. The Jeep tour is a stroll through tge Sacannah at first before it becomes a high speed chase to get away from Hyenas. The tour is similar to Killamanjaro Safari since the front of the Jeep looks like the front of the jeeps from said attraction at Animal Kingdom. The Boat Tour is basically Jungle Cruise where the passengers encounter sights like snakes, crocodiles, and hippos.

Timon and Pumbaa - Virtual Safari Jeep Tour (Part 1)

Timon And Pumbaa's Virtual Safari 1.5

Disney’s Virtual Safari Puts Timon and Pumbaa in Driver’s Seat

There are two different choices that viewers can choose from: A boat cruise inspired by the Jungle Cruise and a jeep excursion loosely inspired by Kilimanjaro Safaris. On the boat cruise, Timon and Pumbaa take the viewer on a cruise down a river, where they encounter hippos, a giant snake, monkeys, and even a group of hungry crocodiles who attack the boat. During each experience, there are points on the ride where the viewer can choose which path the vehicle takes by clicking on one of two directional arrows, and each choice will result in a different experience. For example, at Restaurant Road, the viewer can choose between either a drive-thru serving some of Timon and Pumbaa's favorite bug-themed foods or a drive-thru run by hyenas who are looking to eat Timon and Pumbaa. And at the end of each experience, Timon and Pumbaa will show the viewer a brief montage of pictures showing them reacting to everything that occurred on the ride.



Virtual Safari


Lion King DVD Set-Top Game Repurposes Digital Assets for New 3D Experience .
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  1. In Virtual Safari, Timon and Pumbaa take the viewer on a virtual adventure the upcoming virtual safaris that will be featured on the DVDs for The Lion King 1.

  2. Disney’s Virtual Safari Puts Timon and Pumbaa in Driver’s Seat | Animation World Network

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