It my money and i need it now vine

It's my money and I need it now (Lance) Vine

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For the most part she posts three-minute missives where she gossips about her neighbors or shows off her thrift store finds , and each of them earns a small or-so views. The one exception is the file she uploaded in December. That number is insanely high for an unknown channel, but not unprecedented when compared to other Vine compilations milking nostalgia for the platform. This is a blessing and a curse for the original generation of Viners. Hadjiyerou told me she received dozens of Content ID claims from the creators of the Vines she featured — all hoping to siphon off any ad winnings her 2. Gabe Gundacker has gone a step further. The platform was occasionally hilarious when it was alive, he said, but it was also clogged with plenty of boring, bland chaff.

I know that when Instagram video kicked off a couple of weeks ago, folks were declaring Vine to be dead since it allowed folks to post up to 15 seconds of video. All it did was provide people the opportunity to post longer and more boring videos. The 6 seconds of Vine challenged folks to be more creative and self-edit. Check out these 10 hilarious videos. I picked these because each one made me guffaw and cackle. Why did she fall to the bed like that and kick her legs?!?

They were there to meet with Karyn Spencer, Vine's Creative Development Lead, and other representatives from Vine in a last-ditch effort to save an app they saw was failing fast. Marcus Johns, with 6. They and their peers had noticed a sharp dropoff in engagement on the app. Johns and Piques owed their fame to the platform, and they were desperate to turn it around. If Vine agreed, they could theoretically generate billions of views and boost engagement on a starving app. If they said no, all the top stars on the platform would walk. By the time the meeting took place, most of the top Vine stars had already begun to shift their efforts to other social platforms.

The 5 Sad Reasons Why Vine is Being Shut Down

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Twitter has been in the news a lot lately for making some rather discouraging announcements. Just last week it was reported that the social media platform would be letting go of over employees—and now we know why. If you listen closely, you can hear a never-ending loop of teenagers crying endlessly. Plus, it helped us procrastinate and discover some really, truly hilarious videos where people spent more time being silly and less time taking them too seriously. More importantly, does this mean Vine stars will have to start making ten second videos on Snapchat or Instagram stories now? Or do they have to find a new career?


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