How old is angela robinson haves and have nots

Angela Robinson

how old is angela robinson haves and have nots

Angela Robinson Reads Cardi B's Tweets

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One of which includes NJ-based actress, Angela Robinson. The Haves and The Have Nots is scandalous, gossipy, addictive…and fun. Currently in its fifth season, which runs through early November on OWN, season six premieres in early She generously spoke about her career trajectory, philanthropic work and life in the Garden State. Angela Robinson : Warning! If you binge watch it, you will be hooked. BONJ: Veronica is…well…not the nicest character in the series.

You will not find a colder, more poised female villain than veteran actress Angela Robinson. For five seasons audiences have enjoyed watching Harrington wreak unapologetic havoc on her husband, her son and anyone else who dares to step foot in her path. Did something happen to her or did she experience trauma growing up? Probably a little bit of all of that but the thing that drives Veronica is an unyielding need for control. She has to control everything around her in order to feel safe and that need ends up destroying her relationships. In the first season, her relationship with her husband seems solid, but as time progresses he becomes a casualty of her antics. Did she love her husband?

While knocking out media availabilities and riding through The Big Apple last week, Angela Robinson found herself choked up when the journalist on the other end of the conference call asked her a peculiar question: "How does it feel being the fiercest black female character on primetime television this summer? After a moment to compose herself, she let out a loud cackle. The ice was broken. She plays the ice queen with ice cold water running through her veins. Playing the diabolical diva, Robinson revealed, was a little easy because of her association with similar people. Over the past two decades, the Jacksonville, Florida native who also uses her married name: Angela Robinson-Whitehurst has gotten to know quite a few people. And vice versa.

Celebrities News. The show follows three families in Savannah, Ga. She is manipulative and vindictive toward anyone who dares stand in her way. Recently, we sat down to chat with Robinson just as the second half of Season Four premiered. I was in a musical in Atlanta. And the musical was called Into The Woods, and the casting director from Tyler Perry Studios happened to see the show.

BONJ Interviews: Actress Angela Robinson (The Haves and the Have Nots)

Her acting career began on the stage on Broadway and Off Broadway. The Gracie Awards celebrate and honor programming created for women, by women, and about women, as well as individuals who have made exemplary contributions in electronic media. Playing a villain allows me to embody a different character.

Filmography[edit] Episode: "Contagious". —present, The Haves and the Have Nots, Veronica Harrington, Series regular.
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