Call of the wild chapter 6 questions and answers

The Call of the Wild

call of the wild chapter 6 questions and answers

Why was Jim Thornton left behind by his friends? What are the names of Jim Thornton's dogs? How does Thornton express his love for Buck?.

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When John Thornton froze his feet in the previous December, his partners had made him comfortable and left him to get well, going on themselves up the river to get out a raft of saw-logs for Dawson. He was still limping slightly at the time he rescued Buck, but with the continued warm weather even the slight limp left him. And here, lying by the river bank through the long spring days, watching the running water, listening lazily to the songs of birds and the hum of nature, Buck slowly won back his strength. A rest comes very good after one has traveled three thousand miles, and it must be confessed that Buck waxed lazy as his wounds healed, his muscles swelled out, and the flesh came back to cover his bones. For that matter, they were all loafing,--Buck, John Thornton, and Skeet and Nig--waiting for the raft to come that was to carry them down to Dawson. Skeet was a little Irish setter who early made friends with Buck, who, in a dying condition, was unable to resent her first advances.

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In this chapter, Buck will be characterized as an animal of great love, loyalty, and devotion; he will become completely devoted to John Thornton, who is, in contrast to Hal and Charles, Buck's other masters, characterized as being the ideal "master. Furthermore, in contrast to the events in the last chapter, where dog and man could not work together at all, here in Chapter 6, we are shown the great heights to which a dog can rise if he is inspired by love and admiration for his master. Certainly at the beginning of this chapter, he is as close to death as is physically possible, and, accordingly, Thornton devotes considerable time and patience while he is nursing Buck back to health. As this chapter begins, we learn a bit of the history about John Thornton and how he came to be camped next to the river. The previous winter, Thornton had frozen his feet, and his partners had left him behind to recover. During both Buck's and Thornton's recoveries, there are two other of Thornton's dogs, Skeet and Nig, who are very friendly towards Buck, who is surprised; he expected them to show some signs of jealousy. Yet, unlike the other two dogs, Buck does not force Thornton's attention upon him; Buck is content to lie at a distance, watching Thornton with love and admiration.

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Having frozen his feet that past December, John walks with a slight limp. He and Buck convalesce together, both growing stronger in the beautiful, warm weather. Buck's muscles swell, and flesh returns to cover his bones. He makes friends with John Thornton 's other dogs, Skeet and Nig , as they await the raft that will carry them to Dawson. Skeet is motherly and nurses Buck's wounds during his convalescence. Nig is also quite friendly.

Deep in the forest a call was sounding, and. See Important Quotations Explained. Buck slowly gets his strength back. John Thornton, it turns out, had frozen his feet during the previous winter, and he and his dogs are now waiting for the river to melt and for a raft to take them down to Dawson. With Thornton, Buck experiences love for the first time, developing a strong affection for the man who saved his life and who proves an ideal master. Thornton treats his dogs as if they are his own children, and Buck responds with adoration and obeys all commands. Once, to test Buck, Thornton tells him to jump off a cliff; Buck begins to obey before Thornton stops him.



Chapter 6 Guiding Questions

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