Convert timestamp to date and time in sap abap

convert between date time into timestamp

convert timestamp to date and time in sap abap

Python Convert Timestamp to Readable Time (Local and UTC Time)

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Setup a private space for you and your coworkers to ask questions and share information. But how to do it for the system time - system time is needed in many situations e. The only solution I have come up so far is like that:. Is this already the best solution or can the system time zone be retrieved in another way? Any ideas?

Expert Tools. Sooner or later every developer has to work with time zones and time stamps. Luckily the SAP system provides plenty of tools to support you in this area. Just attach these conversion exits to a domain to profit from advanced display handling. When these are used on a selection- screen, the attached conversion exits automatically render the values. For SE16 , with default settings, the detail screen shows the converted values. By the way, the internal value is also rendered but according to its internal type, decimal, which is rather meaningless for time stamps.

First of all sorry, I did not give any background information how this time stamp is being created and when. If you have an easy solutions please share but I cant change the way how the object is being filled. By default time conversion routine times is used. Some name 10k Followers. Tech Sign In Page.

converting time stamp to date

Ana Sayfa., ABAP implicitly references the Gregorian calendar, valid across most of the world. We can convert the output to country specific calendars.

Convert Time between time zones

Sap date format conversion. On the screen of Maintain User Profile. This parameter is optional. Data Cleansing. In such case import wizard could do nothing, there is no conversion from two digit to 4 digits year format.







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  1. CONVERT TIME STAMP time_stamp TIME ZONE tz the type TIMESTAMP or TIMESTAMPL from ABAP Dictionary, in accordance with the ABAP type p The local date in the format of the data type d is assigned to dat and a variable must be.

  2. Online transaction processing OLTP systems such as the ones that make up the SAP Business Suite maintain quite a bit of time-sensitive data, so it's important that you understand how to work with the built-in date and time types provided in ABAP.

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